Kids Toothbrush (5 to 7 Years old)

Between the ages of 5-7 years old is the most important stage to prevent cavities. Kids must get into a habit of tooth brushing 3
times a day by themselves.


• Fluoride Bristles patented by Europe produces Fluoride capsules to prevent cavities (Patented# EP 0951-225B1)
Brush Head
• Soft cushion head protects kid’s gum
• Thumb rubber gives a direction to hold a brush correctly
• Non-slippery handle helps kids to hold a brush while brushing their teeth

Dental Care Tip: It is important to prevent cavities on baby teeth to ensure healthy permanent teeth. Most importantly, kids should brush teeth scrupulously at around 7years old when molar teethstart to appear. Dailybrushing is encouraged with B&B kid’s toothpaste and do not swallow.


Recommended by Korean Pediatric Dentistry Association

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