B&B Baby Toothbrush
B&B Toothbrush

Step 1: Dibo Toothbrush

(2-4 years old)

Baby teeth appear between the ages 2-4 years old. Parents can
teach the child how to brush their teeth correctly at this stage. This is important as baby teeth get cavities easily.

• Smart Signal Bristles that tell you when it is time to
get a new toothbrush
Brush Head
• Small head for Toddler’s mouth
• Soft Cushion head protects Toddler’s gum
• Comfortable rounded handle

Dental Care Tip: Baby teeth get cavities easily and treatment is
difficult. So, it is important to brush teeth 3 times a day. Toddlers who cannot spit properly can use B&B Baby Oral Clean Gel Type; Toddlers who can spit to use B&B Kid’s toothpaste.


Recommended by Korean Pediatric Dentistry Association

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